Re-Vision U

Mentoring to transform your life one positive commitment at a time

Sherri Harrison (above) explains the genesis of Re-Vision U. Sherri is a LIFEstory Transformation Coach, Breakthrough Specialist, Personal Development Mentor, and Workshop Facilitator.


“If all the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players, then who is writing the script? We each have written into our lives that which we are experiencing right now. Is what you’ve written what you really want?

We all do the best we can in life. No one ever sets out to fail or to intentionally limit themselves. Often life throws in a scene we didn’t anticipate, and sometimes that causes us to settle or maybe even get sucked into some drama. Do we ever feel like we’re rehearsing the same scene, the same lines, over and over and never getting to the next act? What is it going to take to eliminate the mental, physical, emotional or spiritual barriers that are keeping us stuck?

If the story you’ve been living in for ages isn’t your absolute best writing, I encourage you to find a mentor, someone who can help you look at your life and yourself a little differently, and, by so doing, who will help you to “Re-Vision” what you’ve written. Look for a mentor who is where you want to be, who will not be snowed by the story you tell, and who can teach you tools to employ in breaking through so you can re-write your story in a way that serves you better. Invest in yourself. You are worth it!

– Sherri Harrison, Founder of Re-Vision U